Tabletop Games by Tabletop Swag

Are you in the Perth metropolitan area? Do you have a group of friends that want to play D&D but you don't know where to start? Have you always wanted to try it out but are a bit apprehensive about running a game straight out of the gate? Or maybe you are experienced players but your DM wants a break?

For any of these reasons and more you should get Josh from Tabletop Swag to run a game for you.

For a one off fee of $150 ($50 of which is redeemable as Tabletop Swag credit at the session.) You can have a DM with over 30 years experience come to you and run a memorable one shot that will leave you needing more games in your life. 

The average session will be 3-4 hours long and will be catered to your relative experience level.

Please check out our FAQ for more information.

Reach out to Josh ( or via social media @tabletopswag to arrange a game!