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What is Dungeons & Dragons? D&D is a cooperative storytelling game that harnesses your imagination and invites you to explore a fantastic world of adventure, where heroes battle monsters, find treasures, and overcome epic quests. See

I have no experience is that ok? It sure is. Before we organise a game we will discuss your level of experience and tailor the game to your needs.

What do I need to organise? You just need to organise at least 3 players and a table for us to game on that is away from pets. We will come with pre-generated characters, dice and all rules and reference materials. You will also have an opportunity to grab swag such as dice of your own on the night.

Pre-generated Characters? Yep we will come with characters ready to go. This means we can jump straight into the action and not lose the first couple of hours to character generation. However if your group is a little more on the experienced side we will have versions that allow a little customisation.

How long will the game go for? A typical session runs for 3-4 hours but depending on the rolls of the dice this could be a little shorter or a little longer.

Are your games inclusive? Gaming is for everyone and anyone! We ask that all players download and complete our consent in gaming checklist so that we understand any particular limits and triggers.

So $150 you say? Yep the cost for the evening is $150. This equates on average to $30 per player for about 4 hours of fun. $50 of the fee is transferrable to a credit for the Tabletop Swag store which needs to be spent on the night. Essentially at the very least it means everyone can take home their own set of dice or alternatively the group can pitch in for a Players Handbook to help you play your games in the future.

Are you only available in Perth, Western Australia? Yes we are currently only running in Perth however there are many similar groups Australia wide. The main difference is our access to cool Swag which you can use on the night. Keep a look out though as we will be bringing on DMs in other cities as well!

Do we have to play D&D? Dungeons and Dragons is not the only system that we can organise. Reach out and we can surely work with you to plan an awesome game experience. 


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